Jill Stein Interview
Elena Frogameni interviews presidential candidate Jill Stein (2016).

The NHS Technology department is a constantly moving and ever-changing conglomerate of people, technology, and ideas. Our students are woodworkers, architects, engineers, photographers, videographers, reporters, graphic designers, producers, and so much more. At any given moment the tech rooms are filled with students doing a variety of independent projects: building Minecraft Northampton, filming a video for a class, editing photos of football games, 3-D printing a model of a car, or planning out the week’s news broadcast.

NHS Tech provides Northampton High School students with the educational support and technological resources to reach their full creative potential, cultivating learning and innovation in the classroom and beyond.  In addition to courses in engineering, photography, videography, woodworking, and architectural design, NHS Tech produces NHS’s weekly news broadcast, The Transcript, hosts the school’s Robotic Team, the DevilBots, and supports a variety of independent student projects.