Jonathon Marshall

The Love of the Turn: Bowl Making with Joanathan Marshall
-Maddox Eriksen

Jonathon Marshall, a sophomore at NHS chose to take woodtechnology 1 this year because he was inspired by a fellow classmate the previous year. Every week Jonathon would go into the workshop and turn a bowl or pen.

Jonathon chose to do this project because “I felt like making something while I was waiting to glue my box and I had experience making bowls from beforehand so I decided to make another one.”

One of the reasons Jonathon likes to do woodworking is because “It’s very satisfying making the cuts while turning the bowl. Another thing I like about woodturning is seeing the end product after it’s sanded and finished. Both of those two steps are the best part of woodturning in my opinion.”

‘What are you going to do with this project once you’re done with it?’ “I will most likely display it in my living room.” ‘Do you have any practical use for this bowl or is it mostly going to be used for art?’ “Just for art mainly because I applied a finish to the bowl that was toxic.” ‘Is wood-tech a simple hobby, passion or even a future profession?’ “As of now it’s just a hobby/class but maybe in the future it will be more of a passion or a profession. “

‘How long have you been woodworking?’ “This is actually my first time taking the class so I haven’t been woodworking before.  I took Mr. Melnick’s conceptual physics class and during the end of the semester I would come in and do some woodworking on my own. Because of that, I have a basic  foundation for woodworking and doing these types of projects. “

Cutting out the bowl blank
Forming the inside of the bowl
The finished product

The Process:

The first part of the process involves Jonathon selecting a piece of wood and drawing out where he wants to make a bowl. Then, Jonathon goes over to the bandsaw and cuts out the bowl blank. The next part of the project involves him taking a faceplate and screwing it into the blank so he can sculpt it on the lathe. The next part of the project involves him taking a faceplate and screwing it into the blank so he can sculpt it on the lathe. Then he attaches the piece of wood to the lathe so he can start turning it. He starts making cuts into the wood, first starting on the edge of the bowl and then works toward the center. His goal, as of the first few images, is to form the outside of the bowl. Once he has the outside complete, he then takes the bowl off the lathe, puts it onto another attachment and then he starts to carve out the inside of the bowl. Once he has the inside finished he can begin to sand the inside and outside of the bowl to make it smooth. Now that the bowl is sanded, it’s ready for the final step, the finish. Normally, woodturners use mineral oil because its non toxic, but because Jonathon didn’t want to eat out of this bowl he decided to use pen finish to make the bowl shiny.